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The Smokies Trip | Day 6

Day 6, Halloween. We were up early and came across the Sinks. This awesome little waterfall is completely man made. When they were blasting the rock to make a path for the railroad, they blasted a bit too big of a hole. The result was the sinks. In fact it has a GIANT hole beneath […]

The Smokies Trip | Day 5

October 30th marked the 5th day in Tennessee and it started with a morning full of brilliant color on Foothills Parkway. After we had gotten our fill of the sunset, we went exploring. Found an abandoned house nestled into a grove of bamboo, next to a trickling creek. No duck face Natasha! Continued down the […]

The Smokies Trip | Day 4

Day 4 was a day of treasure hunting in the Gatlinburg area with Poe as a tag along. From a giant flea market where I found a quaint red ring, a thrift store where I found a leaf necklace and all the other places between full of treasures.     We made a stop at […]

The Smokies Trip | Tennessee Day 3

The morning arrived, an eerie fog making the neighboring suspension bridge a staple from Jurassic Park. The fog cleared, the sun revealing the brilliant fall colors as we traveled up towards Foothills Parkway. We meandered back towards Townsend and visited a couple of antique and thrift stores. I bought a pair of old bottles with […]

The Smokies Trip | Tennessee Day 2

Day two. The morning had us up early and traipsing into Cades Cove in search for more bears.  We arrived before the gates were open, amidst a throng of fellow photographers and early birds alike. No bears at the rustic cabin (Natasha swears she saw one in the meadow behind) so we continued to meander. […]

The Smokies Trip | Good morning Tennessee!

We arrived in the evening, a lovely Natasha of Rocking A Ranch Photography brimming with alcohol and energy, greeting the road worn pair that was Jen & I. My first time meeting Natasha. She’s a rockstar! And can talk an ear off like the best of them! Awake in the morning, a wee later than sunrise, […]

The Smokies Trip 2016 | The Road Again

We paused for sleep in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Morning brought us out to an adorably small cafe Little Grill Collective. A tiny hole in the wall, full of locally sourced food, character and personality and completely employee owned. Plus one very strangely written story by a 25 year old (at the time) Christopher Garland Howdyshell… On the road […]

The Smokies Trip 2016 | The beginning

October 22 to November 6, 2016 A flight from MN to the eastern land of Maryland for a grand adventure from Maryland to Townsend, Tennessee. The adventure starred myself and the wonderful Jen (of JL Gould Photography) as we meandered south from Maryland. Ren Fest – Maryland style. I’m rocking the red hat, while Jen looks […]