The Smokies Trip | Tennessee Day 3

The morning arrived, an eerie fog making the neighboring suspension bridge a staple from Jurassic Park. The fog cleared, the sun revealing the brilliant fall colors as we traveled up towards Foothills Parkway. We meandered back towards Townsend and visited a couple of antique and thrift stores. I bought a pair of old bottles with […]

The Smokies Trip | Good morning Tennessee!

We arrived in the evening, a lovely Natasha of Rocking A Ranch Photography brimming with alcohol and energy, greeting the road worn pair that was Jen & I. My first time meeting Natasha. She’s a rockstar! And can talk an ear off like the best of them! Awake in the morning, a wee later than sunrise, […]

The Smokies Trip 2016 | The beginning

October 22 to November 6, 2016 A flight from MN to the eastern land of Maryland for a grand adventure from Maryland to Townsend, Tennessee. The adventure starred myself and the wonderful Jen (of JL Gould Photography) as we meandered south from Maryland. Ren Fest – Maryland style. I’m rocking the red hat, while Jen looks […]

The Bird Study

The same bird feeder, a different tree. Original tree was cut down as it was a sappy maple and weeped all the time, then enjoyed having confetti parties with the helicopter style confetti. It will not be forgotten as the wood has been milled to be created into something new and fancy (for starters, guitars!). […]