The Smokies Trip | Day 5

October 30th marked the 5th day in Tennessee and it started with a morning full of brilliant color on Foothills Parkway. After we had gotten our fill of the sunset, we went exploring. Found an abandoned house nestled into a grove of bamboo, next to a trickling creek. No duck face Natasha! Continued down the […]

The Smokies Trip | Day 4

Day 4 was a day of treasure hunting in the Gatlinburg area with Poe as a tag along. From a giant flea market where I found a quaint red ring, a thrift store where I found a leaf necklace and all the other places between full of treasures.     We made a stop at […]

The Smokies Trip 2016 | The Road Again

We paused for sleep in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Morning brought us out to an adorably small cafe Little Grill Collective. A tiny hole in the wall, full of locally sourced food, character and personality and completely employee owned. Plus one very strangely written story by a 25 year old (at the time) Christopher Garland Howdyshell… On the road […]

Shooting at 35mm

When the 35mm f1.8 DX arrived, I quickly tested it for vignetting on my D750 in full frame mode. It was mild and correctible (if I wanted to correct it) via Lightroom, so we were quickly off and shooting. A Savers adventure (poor Batman, now what’s Gotham to do?) and an antique store provided the […]

Exploring Wisconsin | 2016

An invitation to attend a retail convention in Wisconsin was issued, which I happily accepted. It rained heavily the whole drive from Minnesota to Wisconsin, so snagging window scenes wasn’t in the cards. Our small pack of 4 people (myself included) arrived in Madison with an active schedule. When not actively playing the newest games, interacting […]


These pieces of awesome are revisited, vintages from 2009-2011. The moon, reflecting in Kramer Lake. 2009 Solitude. 2009 (Out for a walk with my dogs, when I noticed an apple behind a car. Maneuvered  between two parked cars, angled around the one closest to the apple. This is the resulting shot. ) Broken. 2009 (This image […]