Freelensing in the morning

My mum has an impressive green thumb and a lust for planted and flowering things. She’s got a lovely garden, currently occupied by the blooms of the resident lilies, delphiniums and some other assorted flowers I can’t name, but are pretty to gawk at. Mornings cast a hazy light and weaves its way through the blooms, this morning being of no exception. Snagged the camera (Nikon D750 if you’re curious) and one of my freelenses (Tamron Adaptall 2 28mm f2.5 with the Adaptall mount removed, also if you were curious), and worked some magic, toes damp from the dew, not caring who saw me in my sleep pants and my red sleep shirt (Eat! Sleep! Poop! Care of Sam & Danni’s Pet Resort). The results.