The Smokies Trip 2016 | The Road Again

We paused for sleep in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Morning brought us out to an adorably small cafe Little Grill Collective. A tiny hole in the wall, full of locally sourced food, character and personality and completely employee owned. Plus one very strangely written story by a 25 year old (at the time) Christopher Garland Howdyshell…

On the road once again with a pretty landscape (I have no idea where we stopped for it..)

And the best coffee on the interstate….. not really sure if it was a tanker full of coffee (how epic and yet challenging to get a cup of joe at that rate!)
but it seemed more to be an advertisement for a Pilot or other truck style stop.

We paused somewhere in Virginia for assorted finding of things in some antique stores. Most of the things did not get to join us on the travels, or at least didn’t get to come with me (already was rocking an overly heavy piece of luggage). Though that mouse could have squeaked in… but the hutch, the hutch wasn’t going to fit, despite how stunning it was.