The Smokies Trip | Day 5

October 30th marked the 5th day in Tennessee and it started with a morning full of brilliant color on Foothills Parkway.

After we had gotten our fill of the sunset, we went exploring. Found an abandoned house nestled into a grove of bamboo, next to a trickling creek.

No duck face Natasha!

Continued down the road to a little private lake, a unique A frame church, and a weird waterspout/dam thing that sprayed water out.


The water droplets coated most of the plants on the left side of the mouth of the dam thing.


We meandered onward.

We found a pair of donkeys. One of which thought I told the best joke ever…

A bit more meandering to a little antique type shop that a couple of super creepy dolls. And the Million Dollar Man who was missing an eye…

Then we arrived back at base camp where Poe & I wandered along the river behind the cabin.

Natasha and I headed up to Clingman’s Dome for sunset. It was very pretty and freezing cold!!!!