The Smokies Trip | Day 6

Day 6, Halloween. We were up early and came across the Sinks. This awesome little waterfall is completely man made. When they were blasting the rock to make a path for the railroad, they blasted a bit too big of a hole. The result was the sinks. In fact it has a GIANT hole beneath the waterfall that makes it very hazardous. Sure looks pretty though!

A look behind the scenes 🙂 Yes its relatively light out and yes that is a 20 second shutter at f8! (Huzzah for ND 64/6 stop filters!)

We followed the river (I love love love running water!) then headed back to base camp.

Jen took a rest as her back was in the “murdering” mood, so Natasha and I adventured up the river. This is the spot where I met “Thad” the weird moth thing (turns out Thad is a skipper butterfly – a clouded skipper butterfly in fact! Not a true butterfly but related to them). He chilled on my sleeve until I tried to move him, then hung on to my finger for a free ride closer to shore. This also tested my dexterity with a tripod in hand and balancing on rocks!

A hidden waterfall. And a battery that decided to poop out on me. Luckily there was a spare in the car, though I didn’t recross the stream to get back to this waterfall.

I kind of was hoping Natasha might fall in… could have been some hilarious pictures!

We continued to follow the path of the river.

A quick jaunt through Cades Cove in search of bears. None to be seen and the lighting was meh at best.

Natasha wanted some down time, so Jen and I went out in a quest to find the perfect place for a sunset.

Not quite the pizzazz we were hoping for, though we found a veggie stand with a ton of pumpkins.

We noticed that the light was beginning to change and raced up Foothills Parkway looking for a break in the trees…

And with the night came costumes! I rocked my Beetlejuice (I used real moss from the yard of the cabin…), Natasha was a flight attendant and Jen was a masquerade  of mystery. Gatlinburg was a poor sport for Halloween (super quiet by 10 pm?!) but we had a grand time. There was a hilarious video of me catching sight of a picture on Natasha’s phone… you’ll have to ask Jen to see it!!