The Smokies Trip | Good morning Tennessee!

We arrived in the evening, a lovely Natasha of Rocking A Ranch Photography brimming with alcohol and energy, greeting the road worn pair that was Jen & I. My first time meeting Natasha. She’s a rockstar! And can talk an ear off like the best of them!

Awake in the morning, a wee later than sunrise, but early enough that the light was still pretty.
But first coffee.
A stop to The Artistic Bean for brain fuel. Believe the first day’s drink was Artistic Autumn (though if you were tired and read it right it said Autistic Autumn…)

Onward to Cades Cove!

A loop, a direction away from the main caravan to a little spot where the road is overrun by a creek. Some touches of fog from the early early morning played in the light.


A small jaunt, to a collection of cars pulled to the side of the road. In most national parks this is an indicator that there is a critter in the near area. Cades Cove has whitetail deer, turkeys and black bear as its bigger critters. And what luck! It was a young black bear foraging in the brush. It climbed the barbed wire fence, the strolled past everyone across the road, shimmied up a tree, then disappeared into a thick stand of pines.

My first time photographing a bear! Our excitement stayed with us as we meandered around the rest of Cades Cove.

One of the primitive Baptists churches in the woods.

The main visitor’s center with a working mill and a lovely lazy river.


Our loop through Cades Cove completed we headed back towards our cabin. A few houses down I discovered a wicked bridge akin to something from Jurassic Park.

A quick paced walk back to the cabin to tell Jen & Natasha about the bridge. Jen adventured out to see it, though passed on standing on it. Natasha decided walking in the river, drink in one hand, camera in the other, was a more interesting route to go.

Something free and a half mark.