The Smokies Trip | Tennessee Day 2

Day two. The morning had us up early and traipsing into Cades Cove in search for more bears.  We arrived before the gates were open, amidst a throng of fellow photographers and early birds alike.

No bears at the rustic cabin (Natasha swears she saw one in the meadow behind) so we continued to meander.

Revisited the spot we had stopped the morning before. Nice moody clouds. I made it nearly to the large tree before the clouds decided they wanted to drop some spits of rain on me. Turned tail to get back to the car before getting drenched.

Then the light changed, reflecting brilliant sunlight off of hundreds of raindrops. (They are a little hard to see, but they’re there.)

We continued down one of the other roads, hoping for another touch of sunshine to give us a show with the gloomy clouds (also with hopes that it would keep the rain at bay). Just the right amount of gloomy clouds and light.

From there, we traveled upwards on a trail that was a one way, less maintained path while the rain forged down on us.

A quick stop to the Artistic Bean for some much needed caffeine (that’s the difference between a latte & cappuccino!)

Onwards to Gatlinburg for some short shopping (a shop of just socks!?!) and a trip to a little coffee roastary Jen adores.

From there, a pause along the river where a quaint walking bridge spanned from edge to edge. I meandered along the trickling river catching the light.

Continuing to follow the river led us to Elkmont. Built in the late 1800’s, this town was built first as a logging town, then when the railroad left, the town became a country club of sorts with cabins and homes for the well to do. This town remained into the 1930s when it was bought to be part of the Smoky Mountain National Forest. Residents filtered out, the last in the 1990s, the buildings were left abandoned.




Then the evening came.