The Smokies Trip | Tennessee Day 3

The morning arrived, an eerie fog making the neighboring suspension bridge a staple from Jurassic Park.

The fog cleared, the sun revealing the brilliant fall colors as we traveled up towards Foothills Parkway.

We meandered back towards Townsend and visited a couple of antique and thrift stores. I bought a pair of old bottles with some sort of something in them (one yellow and dense, the other a dark brown color) at Parkway Antique Mall.

Headed back up Foothills Parkway in search of a good spot to photograph the upcoming sunset. Something caught my eye on the side of the road, so I had Jen pull over. Hopped out of the Element and headed to where I had seen… something. The something ended up being a scraggly brownish grey dog with a wiry coat noshing on the mushy apples. He moved slightly away from me, but when he got closer I was able to scoop him up. Jen & Natasha were smitten. Being that he was found close to Halloween, he was dubbed Poe (for Edgar Allen Poe). He was dirty and covered with fleas, but in alright shape. We loaded him into the Element and continued moving towards a spot for the sunset.

We found a spot to pull over for the sunset across from US 129 Dragon Harley Davidson on the Little Tennessee River and waited for the sunset. The clouds were a bust, but the color was pretty.



Poe made a very nice kitty in the window of the Element. And I snagged a couple images of Jen and Natasha (yellow plaid).

Paused on the way back to Townsend on one of the many pulloffs on Foothills Parkway. Overlooked the city and snagged a couple of star images.

We headed back to “home” to the cabin for some rest before the next day’s adventure.